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From: Stephanie Mendez (Jennifer Lopez Clothing Addict)

Dear Fashionista,

Jennifer Lopez Clothing is the perfect choice in your wardrobe as it:

Highlights all of your best features to have heads turning and eyes looking!

Constantly evolves as it strives to reflect J.Lo's inspiration as a woman and an entertainer.

Captures J.Lo's elegance combined with street sensibility.

Attracts a woman who appreciates and understands true fashion style.

Offers trend-setting new styles at affordable prices.

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I want to share with you this great site that carries the entire JLo Clothing line of tops, T-shirts, sweaters, jackets, bottoms, jeans, skirts, dresses, swimwear, sets & jumpsuits, pumps, lingerie, fragrances, & watches so that you can buy from the comfort of your home!

I've been shopping from the Jennifer Lopez Clothing Collection since it first hit the market in 2001 and I've never looked back! Now with her new Just Sweet line, I can continue to find everything I want in style, color, and size for every occasion. I've got an average figure, but when I wear J.Lo's items, it seems to magically transform me into someone completely different! My curves seem to look the way I've always wanted them to look like Jennifer Lopez or Beyonce.

I'm sharing this with you because there are so many different fashion lines out there that celebrities are always offering us women. I remember that Jennifer Lopez was the first to really offer a true fashion collection that catered to us as she can relate to what we want...after all, she's "Jenny from the block"!

This site also carries the full line of Beyonce's Dereon Collection and the full line of Baby Phat Clothing as well.

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Jennifer Lopez - Her Start

Jennifer Lopez worked her way up from the streets of the Bronx to become one of the most influential entertainers of the last decade. She began as an actress but soon entered the world of pop music. The 43-year-old star has expanded her personal brand to include fashion, makeup and fragrance lines inspired and designed by her. She has also recently made the headlines due to her tumultuous relationship with Marc Anthony. Learn what Jennifer Lopez has been up to lately if you haven`t been following her career in the last few years.

A Partnership With Kohl's

The first images of Jennifer Lopez`s new clothing collection for the Kohl's chain emerged in late 2011. Unlike most clothing lines designed with the input of celebrities, this collection has earned praise for including pieces that work well for everyday wear. The line has also been rated highly by shoppers for focusing on comfort in addition to style. The collection includes work appropriate apparel, casual pieces, sleepwear, accessories, jewelry and shoes. There are even home wear items inspired by the designs from Ms. Lopez. The accessories in this collection range from handbags to sunglasses that match the laid back style of the entire line.

The End Of Her Run On American Idol

Jennifer Lopez entertained millions of viewers as one of the judges of "American Idol" during the 2011 season. She gave prospective singers plenty of good advice and doled out criticism when it was needed. However, she recently decided not to return for another season. Fellow judge, Steven Tyler made the same decision just a few days before she announced her departure. She said that her time on the show was enjoyable but that she needed more time to focus on her clothing line and other ventures. She also wanted more time for her family and to start making films again.

Kicking Off Her Summer Tour

Her time on "American Idol" inspired her to release a new single and its popularity spawned the first world tour for Jennifer Lopez. She will be performing alongside Enrique Inglesias and plans to visit Europe, South America, Asia and North America throughout the rest of the summer. Her last live performances were given in 2007, when she took a small tour while pregnant. The live shows will include both new and classic songs. A compilation of her best work will be released in conjunction with the end of the tour.

Divorce From Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez also filed for divorce from her third husband and fellow singer, Marc Anthony in early 2012. He is the father of their two children. They were married for over seven years but spent the final nine months of their relationship in separation. Anthony claims to have attempted to reconcile with Lopez during the separation, but the two decided to make the decision final. The pair is still working together on projects like their television show, Q`Viva! There is no word on how the divorce will affect the sales of her clothing lines on websites such as and others.

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